Voices from the Occupation

Voices from the Occupation

RBS: How to Rob a Bank

 On 7th October 2008, The Royal Bank of Scotland, at the time the world’s largest bank measured in assets, failed.  The UK government made the choice to inject £45 billion of public money into the Bank and effectively nationalise it to avoid what was predicted to be global financial armageddon.   This week, the Financial Services Authority issues a report condemning bad practise at RBS, and poor oversight by itself, for this enormous failure and tax payer loss.  However, no further action will be taken against any of those responsible.  This article tells the RBS story and shines light on the hypocrisy and double standards demonstrated in this case.

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Voices from the Occupation – That Was The Week That Was

Voices from the Occupation

That Was the Week That Was


This week has seen the UK government use its veto in Europe for the first time, together with the story of a HMRC (UK internal revenue service) whistleblower facing harassment and the threat of prosecution for highlighting potential fraud in the UK tax system.  These stories, while seemingly unconnected, are not. In both cases, the institutions purportedly created to represent and enforce the will of the electorate, are shown nakedly to represent and enforce the will of corporate interests.  This article takes a look at both cases, and how they demonstrate the need for revolutionary transformation and the creation of democratic institutions that are worthy of the name.

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Voices from the Occupation: What Next for Occupy?

A Day in the Life: What Next for Occupy?

 The Occupy Movement has now spread to over 1000 major cities (26 camps in the UK alone – don’t think it’s only happening in London), in 90 countries across the globe, and is entering only its 12th week.  Pundits across the corporate media are asking: where next for the Occupy Movement?  Today, I bring you a day in the life report from Occupy London Finsbury Square to reveal how the Occupy London movement is expanding and taking its momentum in new directions.  In short….we’re taking it out of the camps, onto the streets, and into the buildings.

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Voices from the Occupation

Propaganda is discussed in classrooms across the UK in the context of fascist or totalitarian regimes in Germany and Russia, as a historical phenomenon.  Taught mainly in History (Nazi and USSR), and English Literature (1984, Brave New World).  The critical point, being it was past tense and bad. But consider everything said or written is propaganda, and what makes it ‘bad’ is when there is not an equal share of voice and access to propaganda to allow the ideological debate necessary to balance ideological power.  Today’s article takes a look at how propaganda is monopolised across our media and political systems today, hidden in plain view, and how to think your way out of these mechanisms of control.

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Voices from the Occupation – Is the Occupy Movement Naive?

I have been a participating in the Occupy Movement since 15th October, and a member of the Occupy London Finsbury Square camp and media working group since early November.  The most common questions I have been asked, and have been asked over and over in the media, are:

Who is leading the occupy movement?

What are the goals of the movement?

Is the Occupy Movement naïve?

In this article, I seek to explore and address these questions, through my own experience and some of the voices from the global occupation. Read more…

Voices from the Occupation – N30

Voices from the Occupation

N30: A Ground’s Eye View – Life Inside the Kettle


November 30th 2011, over 2 million public sector workers held a strike, in protest at government attempts to force them to work longer, pay more and get less.  You may very well have seen some coverage of this on your friendly local news network, but this article gives you a blow by blow account of a day including banner making, marching, occupying Panton House, kettles and police brutality.

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Voices from the Occupation – Strike While the Irony is Hot

~ A Banker, a School Teacher and an Immigrant are sat around a table.  In front of them is a plate, on which there are ten biscuits.  While the School Teacher and the Immigrant aren’t looking, the Banker scoffs nine of the biscuits, then turns to the School Teacher and whispers in her ear ‘watch out, that immigrant is after your biscuit’ ~ Anon

As we approach Big Wednesday, the 30th November public sector workers strike estimated at between 2 and 4 million workers, the media frenzy has well and truly kicked off.  This article looks at the irony of anti-strike arguments, the reasons given for striking and avoiding strike action, and what it takes to make a difference.

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GA Minutes 26/11/11

Facilitator: Christine

Back from Working Groups

Media – Need a few more people

Kitchen – Ruth now administrating, had meeting last night, getting extra gas ring after getting consensus by GA, looking to buy in bulk now

Support & Inreach – Workshop here tomorrow afternoon on negative memories, 2.30-4pm, people coming in to do assertiveness training and transformative mediation next week

TCU – Gig starting at 9pm tonight, till 11pm, if anyone from police comes to tell us to turn volume down, let Christine know.

First Aid – Name is always available on tent and at Info

Waste – Need waste team. Get word out.

Tranquility – Need more people. Changing rota to midnight-4 shift and 4-7 shift.Going to Bank to see if able to sleep there. Lots on tranquality on gig tonight please. Will be good for relations with police

Housing – Constant issue of what’s empty/not. Need more volunteers.


New rota system in Kitchen, need general volunteers for prep, washing up, that kind of things. Anyone interested, go to kitchen and talk with them.

Tomorrow around 12 noon, a small group going to Speakers’ Corner, come join, going to try to do it every single Sunday. Warning: Hyde Park are really strict on health and safety and such


Christmas Carols to the tune of the 1 Percent

With Christmas drawing closer and the weather deteriorating, the 99% are once again struggling to cover all that comes with the season. Meanwhile bankers have enjoyed a 21% pay increase as they enter their ‘bonus season’. Campers at Finsbury Square decided to wish the bailed-out bankers an early Merry Christmas with carols sung to the ‘Tune of the 1 Percent.’

‘Scrooge and the 3 Kings of the 1 Per Cent; Cameron, Boris and Osborne’ joined forces yesterday to sing carols at the doorsteps of central London banks including RBS, Barclays and Lloyds. Adapted lyrics like ‘Last Christmas young people had jobs, and the very next day you took them away’ and gifts paid for by the 99% including ‘taxpayers bailouts, massive bonuses and privatization’ went down well and ended with a crowded public carols service outside Liverpool Station.

Despite a large police presence the carols were peaceful with no back up being required. Barclays closing their curtains in the singers faces was the most hostility encountered and with plenty of Rah-Rah, the positive response from the public makes me believe this was a successful and well enjoyed event. Well done to the organizers and enjoy your christmas bankers! Tally ho!