Voices from the Occupation – I Support the Spartacus Report

This week, The Responsible Reform Report was released, condemning both the content and the process of the UK Governments controversial Welfare Reform Bill.  Dubbed the Spartacus Report, it concludes that the government broke its own rules of consultation, misrepresented the views of respondents, and used flawed figures in its business case.  This report was not produced by a Judge, following a year-long multi billion pound public inquiry, but through open source contributions made by disabled people across the country, utilising social media – and made available for free to the world over the internet.  Overnight, the #spartacusreport become a top trend on twitter, the report was downloaded millions of times all over the world, and is twibbons stating ‘I Support Spartacus’ are all over Facebook and twitter…whilst the mainstream media is almost silent on it.

This article explores the findings of the Spartacus Report and the media ignorance maintained around it.

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